Desserts with benefits


Hello there!

We create herbal plant-based

treats that make healthy eating easy. 

  • Quality

    GMO's never step foot in our kitchen. We only source raw top shelf organic ingredients in every mix.

  • Backed by science

     We show our research. Our key ingredients are all case study approved to help boost energy levels and promote healing.

  • Collabing with nature

    Looking to the source that connects us all for solutions. Our old friend nature has the secrets for collective healing of our inner ecosystem.


There are enough sacrifices you have to make in life, we don't want you to have to make another one. We're here to help bridge the gap (with a candy bar) between the health conscious community and those unwilling to make the leap due to fear of kale and more kale.

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Our mixture of cacao, adaptogenic herbs, probiotics and healthy fats make it a smooth delivery for nutrient absorption for happier organs. It gives our treats more probiotics than a Kombucha and more antioxidants than a kale salad. All to help rid the body of pesky free radicals with each delicious bite.

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We're mobile

Trucks pump out large amounts of green house gas emissions. We're not about that life. We keep it sustainable and get a workout in while doing it. Our delivery bikers get there weekly exercise in, you get delicious treats and theirs one less carbon foot print on the earth. Win, win!

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$35 2.0 lb

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